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La Salita Cafe

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Poetry, Bomba, Plena,

Art & Film Hub in

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Live music, spoken word, open mic cafe and eco-friendly bar,  opening soon to Viejo San Juan… In the meantime, Subscribe to our mailing list to be notified about our monthly Pop-Up events, the first one kicking off Thurs, June 9, 2016!  Check out our weekly updated Blog and join our Poets Corner where you can share your poems with the community.

Come back often as we regularly update our site with more about our Spoken Word, Poetry, Poetry Slams, Art Exhibitions, Film Screenings and Folk Music! Bomba, Plena, Salsa and Seis… oh my! La Salita Café in San Juan is the coolest socially and environmentally conscious cafe you’ll ever visit!


Invisible No More Series

Get your tickets for the Thurs, June 9th’s Invisible No More Series event today, limited capacity so purchase your tickets today!


Pop Up Series

Until we are able to find a home, we will host a series of monthly Pop-Ups. Each event with a different artistic focus. Subscribe to be the first to be in the know.

Live Music Eco-Friendly Cafe with a Whole Lotta Boricua Culture

Whether you want to experience live music in Puerto Rico, delve into the rich Taino Boricua culture, showcase your talents, or be acquainted with exceptional folk music with our best Bomba and Plena Artists, then come visit us. La Salita Café will actually showcase the best of culture, art, music, poetry and independent film in Puerto Rico that anyone from the different parts of the world will surely love to know.

Our eco-friendly cafe is set in order to prove an excellent experience of spoken word, poetry and live music that you will surely treasure. If you have been curious about the beauty of our rich culture and you want to immerse yourself in the delightful way of life of the Puerto Rican community, this is the ultimate time for you to enjoy the great experience of live open mic Puerto Rico.

Delicious Home Cooking and Drinks in San Juan

At La Salita Café, you will come to know some of the Island’s best local artists and enjoy some of our delicious local foods and drinks. We work to encourage local organic agriculture by serving an array of traditional Puerto Rican dishes made only from healthy, organic food that is grown locally. La Salita Café not only supports local creative talent, but also celebrates the unique blends of what healthy Puerto Rican cuisine can be. For brew lovers like us, you will surely enjoy the delicious Puerto Rican artisanal coffee we offer from local growers.

The quality that we are striving to provide for our community is immeasurable, with high quality food (fresh and local) and entertainment that is still affordable.

La Salita Café is a talent hub for Puerto Rican Artists

More than just a live music and open mic cafe in San Juan, we also offer film screenings from our local independent filmmakers!

Much like with our film nights, with our art exhibitions, our principal function is to make the connection between the artist and the audience. So, we have the opportunity for audiences not only to introduce them to some really amazing art but also to the artists themselves. As the audience, wouldn’t it be wonderful to experience a beautiful rotating art collection and walk around with a cup of coffee while you do it?

La Salita Café is the greatest place to visit in Puerto Rico as we are dedicated to letting you experience the beauty of our culture, spoken word, poetry and live music. We greatly support local talents by providing them a perfect venue to play their music and show their creativity live. We support and empower the local scene, leading all our audience from outstanding Bomba and Plena artists to spoken poetry and true Boricua culture.

There is no need for you to look for any other Puerto Rican restaurants, because here at La Salita Café, we will offer you the most exquisite and enticing experience that we are sure you will just rave about. This is now the best time for you to spend great moments with your loved ones and family. We also serve as one of the most fantastic boutique Puerto Rican galleries, delivering all the beauty of local art.

Our home of Puerto Rico’s best local musicians, artists, and poets is open to you. We will bring you to another realm of art and beauty, greater and even better than you have ever expected. Visit us today and enjoy the fantastic experience of this poetry, spoken word and live open mic music cafe.