Las Silas

Art Showcase

Art is rotated 2x a year. At each bi-annual event, artist can discuss their process, influences and projects. All proceeds for the art sold goes directly to the artist.

Las Silas

We thank everyone in advance for respecting La Salita Café’s Silas (house conduct) for all performances.

1. Bring your first audience, your familia and friends of course, share the love through phone calls, text, emails, facebook, twitter…

2. Whether testing materials or not, always read your best work.

3. Listen to the other poets.

4. Respect the time limit.

5. Support the venue and other poets.


Live Music

1. La Salita Café has no dedicated sound technician.

2. Artists (poets and filmmakers alike) are permitted and expected to sell CD’s and other Merchandise as long as sales are handled by the artist.

3. Artists must follow Las Silas.

The art of storytelling

La Salita Café is space for artists, writers, activists, thinkers and dreamers. We open our doors and offer you the platform, support, mentoring and tools needed for your mind, spirit and career growth. All Featured performers receive payment, promotion on La Salita Café website and social media pages and the opportunity to sell your work. Performing and becoming part of the family is easy. Click Here to contact us on all booking details.

Open Mic

We invite all artists to perform at any one of our open mic events. Must respect the house silas.

Poetry Slams 

Are you a lover of Poetry, the art form of Slam Poetry or a Slam Poet? Come be amazed by some of the talent or polish up your skills by participating in one of our Poetry Slams. Each slam has three rounds, elimination and audience choosing the winners.

Featured Poet / Musician 

To perform, you must submit two (2) video links or video’s and one writing sample or live audition, artist resume or press kit. Must respect the house silas.

Featured Artists 

To exhibit your work, you must send your portfolio along with brief summary of your inspirations behind your work, style and why you would like to showcase our work at our exhibitions. Must respect the house silas.

Featured Filmmakers 

To screen your short film, you must submit two (2) video links or video’s and filmmaking resume along with a brief summary of your passion behind the storytelling and why our audience will enjoy it. Must respect the house silas.


To be a host , you must submit two (2) video links or video’s of you performing, and briefly describe why you would make a good host and how you can add to the show at La Salita Café. Must respect the house silas.