La Salita Café’s Kickstarter Campaign to Empower Puerto Rico’s Artists

La Salita Cafe Kickstarter Campaign


La Salita Café is proud to announce that we are kickstarting the campaign to empower local Puerto Rican artists. In recent years, the boom and mainstream music and the state of the economy have led numerous creative and artistic businesses to either cater to the mainstream, or close down entirely. As a result of this, local artists, poets and filmmakers have begun retreating into the rural areas, from where they came with little to no help of ever being recognized for their talent without having to leave the island. Unfortunately, this also means that many, especially the children, are losing their sense of cultural identity.

La Salita Café is on a mission to change this. Our goal is to empower, foster and promote the local emerging artists of Puerto Rico. We want to revive traditional music and defend our Taino culture! By building a community foundation on dialogue and culture we hope to inspire positive social consciousness, not only within the creative circle, but throughout the world. However, our aspirations do not end there.

We also have another goal to encourage our local economy and community, and that is to encourage local organic agriculture. Our aim is to create a world renowned Café that is not only socially conscious, but environmentally conscious as well. Our Café will become a hub that is dedicated to empowering local artistic Puerto Ricans and our economy by serving the most delectable, traditional Puerto Rican dishes made only from locally grown, healthy, organic foods.

Considering the communal goals of this Café, it is little wonder that the community should also be involved in its founding. Due to the same reasons that led many businesses to go mainstream, La Salita Café is asking for support from the worldwide community to assist in helping us reclaim our cultural roots and support our local economy with the launch of our first-ever KickStarter campaign.

Unlike many KickStarter campaigns, we are not only asking for your financial contributions, but offering you the chance to become a founding member of our Café. We had designed many packages for the various contribution levels, with the best ones offering you the chance to become an integral part of the foundation of La Salita Café. You would have a voice in the cafés creative direction and future, and could even create and have one of our special dishes named after you.

Even if you are unable to make a VIP pledge, we are still grateful and happy knowing that we have your support, and have also created a number of packages to show our appreciation for even the smallest of contributions. Even if you are unable to make a monetary contribution, you could still help by telling everyone you know about our noble cause. This is a project for the community and it should be by the community as well.

Show your support for Puerto Rico’s local economy and artistic culture by checking out our KickStarter Campaign and telling all your friends about it today!  🙂