Julia de Burgos: Poet, Activist and Legend

Julia de Burgos


Julia de Burgos is an iconic poet from Carolina, Puerto Rico. Although she has written more than 200 poems, the two that made her truly famous are “Rio Grande de Loiza” and “Yo misma fui mi ruta”, which are considered to show some of her deepest feelings.



Julia de Burgos profileJulia de Burgos, was born as Julia Constanze Burgos Garcia, on February 17, 1914, in Puerto Rico, and died on July 6, 1953. She was the first of thirteen children in her family, and this proved to be a great opportunity for her as she had access to education and the opportunity to attend school.

She found her love for literature at a young age. Being an intelligent woman, Julia successfully completed a university degree by the age of 19 and she soon after joined the Puerto Rican nationalist party known as The Daughters of Freedom. She started her career as a teacher, and her love of writing followed through her entire life.

Julia published her first collection of poems in 1938, which she promoted herself. In order to try to sell this first volume of poems, she traveled across the island and gave readings to any who were willing to listen. A year after the publishing, she published her second collection of poems. After these two collections, her third volume only appeared posthumously in 1954.

She loved the place where she spent her childhood, and this can be observed in her first poems, where she uses wonderful words and sentences to describe her home city, Carolina.

To Love & Lose

Julia de Burgos y Juan Isidro Jimenes Grullón

Her personal life had a great deal of influence on some of her later poems. Although she married young, her marriage dissolved after no more than three years. However, love didn’t stopped there for Julia as she later met Juan Isidro Jimenes Grullón, who was a Dominican revolutionary.

Julia was in love with him and followed him to Cuba in 1939, and later to New York. Her great passion for him and their love inspired many of her later poems. However, their love wasn’t meant to be as they eventually ended their relationship and went separate ways.

The Effects of a Broken Heart

Young Julia de Burgos

Although Julia de Burgos died young, her poems had a great impact on people of Puerto Rico. Her writings stand as an inspiration for many others, especially women writers, who use Julia’s poems for finding their own identity. Despite her weaknesses, she is considered to have been a very strong woman for the times in which she lived. Nowadays, people consider Julia de Burgos to have been a feminist, ahead of the times on subjects such as women’s rights.

Despite her short life, Julia de Burgos left her mark on Puerto Rico by becoming amongst some of the most influential female poets of all time. To this day, she remains a figure head in the hearts and minds of Puerto Ricans everywhere with thousands who still recite her beautiful poems.








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