How I Got To Where I Am

I was born in Tennessee, where I spent all of my life
But I as I grew older I started to think twice
About taking a chance and moving to Atlanta city
For there was no infant, no love nor responsibilities.

Atlanta had promise to be filled with chances and fortune
So I started by quest for jobs so I could dwell there soon.
Application after application and many interviews
My plan to find a job in GA did not come true.
I was crushed but I didn’t let that deter me
From my dream to be in Atlanta, this big opportunity.

My plan B found me drafting a resignation notice
And seeking refuge with my mother with job
To my delight my God was way ahead of me
My company allowed me to work remotely
My god luck charm soon came to an end
When I sent in the resume of my friend.

I was back on the hunt for a 9 – 5
When my God’s plan came back to life
I eventually received a call from a Law firm
With an offer for me that made me confirm
Just when I thought the lord was too busy for me
He saw my burdens and set me free
I can finally move to the place I wanted to go
And start my new journey, my new life on my own.