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Want to share your spoken word in a safe, respectful & 'home' environment, showcase your music, partake in an indigenous unity?

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Puerto Rico's Boricua Culture

Do you want to witness the newest musical acts and be acquainted with excellent emergent artists in Puerto Rico? Are you excited to learn about our Boricua culture? Or maybe, you want to get the most of Puerto Rico’s vida nocturna or the Latino nightlife. The great thing is that La Salita Cafe is now here to help you take pleasure in your open mic experience, and feel the groove!

If you are one of those individuals who love the culture of Latino, are a lover of words and enjoy live music then come visit us here in Puerto Rico. Here at La Salita Cafe, we will give you the nightlife experience that you have always been dreaming of. Whether you are here for a business trip, a vacation, or you are a local resident who want to experience the great mood of a spoken word, poetry and live open mic music cafe, we are here for you.

Do you want to showcase your art work? Are you wondering how you can perform your original music or read your poetry to people? Just contact us today and share your talents and work of art with the entire world.

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Because if we don't defend our culture, we will lose it!