Comfort food like none other

Mofongo con Camarones

The thought of Puerto Rico must cloud your mind with the image of Caribbean beaches and world-class rum but Puerto Rico has a lot to offer in its exquisite cuisine. Puerto Rican food is an amalgamation of Taino, American, Spanish and African cuisines which makes it a paradise for those food lovers who live for the sole purpose of eating. The roots of Puerto Rican cuisine can be traced to have been influenced initially from Spain and then from United States. This archipelago abounds in some of the world-class restaurants which cater to the taste of people from different parts of the world.


Local delicacies

The native cuisine of Puerto Rico is Spanish based and consists mainly of rice and beans. The local dishes are savory and salty. If you plan to visit the island for traveling or basking in the Caribbean sun, you will get the additional provision of enjoying the local delicacies of the place. Puerto Rican culinary is on the transforming phase with the world class chefs who are publicizing the food porn of Puerto Rico featured in various food magazines and famous TV shows.

Tropical dishes and sea food dominates the cuisine of Puerto Rico. While you soak in the sun, you can grab Bacalaítos, or fried codfish fritters, Pastelillos dough stuffed with chicken and beef or fish or Alcapurria’s, fried fritters also stuffed with either chicken, beef or fish from the beach huts and stalls. Other Puerto Rican delicacies include the mouthwatering lechón asado, or barbecued pig, Balacado or codfish in tomato-based stew, arroz y habichuelas/arroz con gandules or the traditional rice and beans. The list of mouth watering traditional Cocina Criolla dishes is long, there is Tripas, Mondongo, Mofongo, Guineos En Escabeche, Pasteles and Pastélon to name a few.


Raise a toast in Puerto Rico

When it comes to drinks, Puerto Rico boasts of producing world-class rum. Any drink made of rum will be a sure and safe bet for you. Those made with fresh local tropical fruit are the best drinks, like Mango Mojito’s (my favorite). Medalla Light is Puerto Rico’s local beer. It’s an award-winning light beer which is recognized internationally for its quality at top beer competitions around the world.

Must try local drinks include Piña Colada which was born on the island. Another traditional beverage and my all time favorite is Coquito. Coquito is a special holiday drink which is available only during Christmas and is similar to eggnog.

You will find several family owned distilleries in this island. The legal age for drinking in the island is 18 and drinking alcohol on the streets is strictly forbidden. Puerto Rico is also famed for producing the best coffee in the world. So, don’t miss to grab a cup when you visit Puerto Rico. Visit here to read more about Puerto Rican Coffee.


To relish your sweet tooth

Flan is the most famous dessert of Puerto Rico made from a blend of milk eggs and cream cheese and is similar to custard tart. You can also taste it with tropical fruits. Almost all the restaurants in this archipelago compete to make the best flan. Common ingredients used in the desserts are coconut, cheese and tropical fruits.

Equally famous desserts though more traditionally served on holidays is arroz con dulce, or rice pudding, and tembleque, or coconut pudding. Desserts like budin, or bread puding can be found all year round though more commonly in rural area’s.

The locally prepared ice creams, helados, will appeal to your taste buds with its tangy taste of different fruits. You can grab a paper cone filled with Piraguas filled with ice in various flavors.



A trip to a new land can never be complete if you do not imbibe in the local culture and delicacies. With its diversified cuisine and crisp rum, Puerto Rico is the ultimate Caribbean destination for the foodies all over the world.

At La Salita Café, we marry these traditional dishes with organic and local products.  Puerto Rican dishes with a healthy twist 🙂