Café con Leche please


“Every dog has its day”. But surely we are not talking about a dog here, but that intriguing and mesmerizing coffee that most of us slurp up every morning. Puerto Rican Coffee too had its glory days – it still does but competition is inevitable in the modern era and coffee providers from all over the world would come up to challenge this magnificent creation. Puerto Rico had coffee as one of its major exports back in the 1700s making giving it an eidetic known for its intoxicating coffee. And the result was its export to many countries around the world. The coffee beans were efficiently planted by the people living in that region popularly known as Jíbaros. And since then the Puerto Rican coffee has earned a credibility all over the world.

The volcanic earth of Puerto Rico is so rich and nourishing that the growth of coffee beans is inevitably perfect in its regions. The most notable city in the country is Yauco which is also called as “Pueblo del Café” or the City of Coffee. The city is famous for its premium coffee brands with are known to the word. Their quality is the highest among the various coffee brands of the world. The coffee served in various parts of the world are usually in the three most popular forms. But these forms are usually not taken in a similar fashion in Puerto Rico. For instance:

• Espresso, or the usual Italian espresso is brewed and taken black in a usual espresso machine. The Puerto Ricans call expreso as “Pocillo”, which is served in small cups.

• The second is Cortadito, it is a popular Cuban coffee which is also an espresso served with quite a thin sheen layer of steamed milk in Puerto Rico.

• Latte in the country is called as Café con Leche, which is served with a large lump of milk in a large cup.

Their names might be different and perhaps minute variations in the way they prefer serving there coffee is also different but they have coffee in their veins which makes them live their traditional coffee standards till date.

The world loved Puerto Rican coffee back then. They still do but there are more brands these days such as Starbucks which have given some serious competition in providing quality coffee. Otherwise there was a time when the Monarchs, the Vatican and the rest of the world loved Puerto Rican coffee for its high quality. It is true that the plantation fields of the country faced heavy losses which reduced their coffee exports. The reason was mainly due to urbanization where people preferred factory or corporate jobs over the usual planting jobs. Other factors such as Brazil’s coffee exports and frequent hurricanes created it harder for local farmers to manage the planting and picking of coffee beans.

The upcoming harvesting season is being planned with better tactics so that new pickers can be utilized for working the coffee fields. Though their production is not as much compared to other coffee manufacturers now, yet they are dedicated to plant coffee just like before with the same quality that was once dominating the world. Many industrialists of the region have supported the coffee making fields so that traditional coffee can once again reach the world. Even the importing companies such as Japan has chosen Puerto Rican coffee which gives Puerto Rico a reason to keep going on with the production.

The best coffee in the world was usually kept in the country itself after the heavy losses until the outside world was once again interested in the premium coffee beans of the country. While their export now is only a fraction of what it used to be in the 1800s, the quality is still maintained, just like before.

Right now the country needs pickers so that he coffee production can once again flourish in the country. According to resources, the country is working on projects where the local prisoners might be used as pickers for the job. But, there have also been opinions where the prisoners might not be as qualified as the usual farmers that grow the coffee beans in the regions. Also the risk with prisoners is not feasible. Other steps would be to call upon farmers from other regions outside the country. But they too would require visas that would be costly. So, there are many issues but a solution will surely be dealt with in order to keep the production going on. Puerto Rican coffee is one of the best blends in the world I think and has always been known for its premium quality. People would love to have it back in their menu so it is prudent that the country take the steps to get the production back on track.