Bomba and Plena of Puerto Rico


Are you looking for some entertainment in Puerto Rico? Then you need to go in a place where you can listen to amazing live music in Puerto Rico. You would definitely enjoy live music from Bomba and Plena artists. In Puerto Rico, one of the best things to do for an amazing nightlife experience is listening to bomba and plena music in a club or café.

The Bomba and Plena artists will keep you entertained with their amazing music. They are ready to take you back into the Puerto Rican culture, with its splendid music. The Bomba and Plena artists are ready to boost the spirits of locals and visitors and take them to dance. You can enjoy this amazing music, which is specific to Puerto Rico. Locals use to say the bomba y plena very fast, so that it seems to be a single thing. Still, bomba and plena represent two different genres of Afro-Rican music.

Bomba is the oldest Puerto Rican music of the two genres. This one comes directly from Africa, especially from the Ashanti, which is basically the origin of most black Puerto Rican people. The bomba is represented by a call and response that take place between the chorus and the leader. This musical form has a multitude of rhythmic patterns. The bomba is comprised using specific musical instruments, which include:

– Two barrel-shaped drums: one lower-pitched – called the buleador, and one higher-pitched – called subidor, repicador or primo

– A single Maraca

– A pair of sticks known as cuá or fuá

In the bomba music, the lower-pitched drum plays a fixed rhythm pattern, while the higher-pitched drum improvises and follows the movement of the dancers.

Plena is the newest music of the two genres and it appeared in early 1900’s on the south coast of Puerto Rico. Plena is a music style which can be easily compared to a newspaper, which is sang by barrio residents who recount events and scandals of the current day. This style is inspired from the bomba and it is also following a call and response between the chorus and the leader. The plena is made using the following musical instruments:

– Three Panderetas – which are hand-held drums that are similar to tambourine, and which are: the seguidor – lower-pitched, the punteador – or Segundo, which is middle-pitched, and the requinto – which is high-pitched

– Guiro – which is a gourd scraper

– Harmonic and melodic instruments


In Plena music, the seguidor and punteador, which are the lower-pitched and middle-pitched instruments, establish the basic rhythm. The requinto improvises over the basic rhythm established by the other two instruments.

So if you are spending the night in Puerto Rico, don’t hesitate to visit a place where you can enjoy the best live music in Puerto Rico, with the atmosphere being enlivened by Bomba and Plena Artists. Enjoy the amazing nightlife, experiencing something new and unique, such as the Puerto Rican traditional music. Do this visiting an amazing place, such as La Salita Café!