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Want to become a host, showcase your spoken word poetry, performance, do a reading, participate at our poetry slams, perform your music at one of our traveling #VocesShowcaseSeries events?

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La Salita Cafe Founder and Spoken Word Poet

La Salita Café, a grassroots initiative and Movement

Founded by Jessica Muñoz, La Salita Café is the space and support for spoken word poets, artists, folk musicians and independent filmmakers. Our initiative empowers, fosters and promotes emerging artists.  We inspire positive social conscience in a creative circle.  Why, because we champion our local talent!

With our live open mic music series, we aim to connect us, our culture and top talent to you, our visitors. Open to everyone and censored by no one!

La Salita Cafe is a space, a sala we bring to each community though out the Island! Once a month we offer spoken word, live music and creative works to those with someone to say. We hit the West, East, North and Central part of Puerto Rico. Our Poetry Slam qualifiers are held throughout the Island in addition to the steady monthly dates. We are Puerto Rico’s first and only registered slam!

La Salita Cafe Spoken Word Poet

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Our Values

Community, Dialogue and Culture!
Socially responsible and committed to a green culture!

The Power of Poetry

Everyone has a “movement” but this is more than just a passion project, it’s MORE!

In our humble beginnings, La Salita Café aims to be the leader in promoting our culture, local talents and allowing you, the thinkers, dreamers, activists and believers to be part of social change!


Perform Your Music, Spoken Word Poetry, or Showcase Your Art With Us

Do you have an original independent film, want to exhibit your art or you want to share your poetry it with others? At La Salita Café we offer you a nurturing space to show what you’ve got. La Salita Café is a place for showing your talents to everyone and a great venue to enjoy what you do.

We are more than just a symbol of cultural expression because we are also committed to promoting the diversity and richness that can be located in the Puerto Rican community and culture as well as its people. At La Salita, w pride ourselves in presenting a great variety of art forms by our local talents. We actively empower and promote the cultural artistic expression of the community and seek to bring it to a larger audience.

If you know that you have a valuable talent that is worthy to be seen by people, then join our family. If you have something to say, JUMP ON STAGE, we always have open-mic! We enable you to present you works in an accepting, creative and supportive environment.

Visit our informative Blog for all things Puerto Rico and Green Living.  You can also join our very cool online community by participating on our Poets Corner.  Share your poetry, get feedback to improve your work, browse poems and review poems that you like! This is your community, your corner, make it your home and gain more exposure!