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Home for live music, spoken word and open mic, we provide the space throughout the Island for you to speak your mind!  Subscribe to hear all about our #VocesShowcaseSeries!  Check out our weekly updated Blog and join our Poets Corner where you can share your poems with the community.




Catch the showcase, every month we travel and bring our show to a different town!



We bring the Slam Poetry and Open Mic events regionally throughout the Island. Check out our calendar to join in on the fun, participate, support and know what town we’re traveling to next. Subscribe so you don’t skip a beat!

Puerto Rico’s First Slam Poetry Team

The idea behind this “Voces Showcase Series Poetry Slams” is that at each regional slam (we take the Slam “road trip” throughout the Island) poets (anyone with something to say) compete. At each event there is a winner whom will be qualified for the FINAL Grand Slam.

But this is more than just a competition! It is our duty as artists and poets to use our voice. It’s our responsibility to awaken entire communities with Poetry and we can use this vehicle to invoke them to action! Puerto Rico needs us and the time for change is now! This is what Spoken Word and Poetry Slams is about.

To learn more about our Slams visit our Slam Page for details, rules etc. Like what we do? Then support our local artists by following them, purchasing their works and helping out La Salita Café’s efforts by spreading the word and contributing to the Patreon Page. Spread the word and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.